The 234 area code covers the central northeastern part of Ohio. Akron, Canton, Youngstown, and Warren are the largest cities of the 234 area code. Many of the cities in the 234 area code are part of the Rust Belt, which is a section of northeastern United States that is in economic decline as a result of many manufacturing plants being closed down that had previously been major employers in those cities. This change in the employment of much of the region has caused the economy for lawyers and non-lawyers alike to become more diverse.

Along with the change in the economy, the social demographic has also changed in the cities in the 234 area code. The majority of the residents in the 234 area code are either married adults with families or the offspring of those adults. Many of the young people are predominantly only attracted to the region for educational purposes, though this is slowly changing alongside the changing economy.

234 Area Code Economy

It is true that many cities in the 234 area code were once dependant on manufacturing jobs that have since been outsourced to other regions of the world. However, manufacturing is still a huge part of the economy of the part of Ohio that falls within the 234 area code, though many cities are now attempting to diversify their economies.

Innovation is not new for the cities located in the 234 area code, as many national companies began and a number of products were invented in the 234 area code. Several cities are turning to technology, especially Akron, as they often already have the infrastructure to support the technology industry. During Akronís manufacturing heyday, many companies with manufacturing plants in Akron built research and development laboratories for their products, especially dealing with polymers. Some of the research and development laboratories in Akron have continued to be used by the companies who created them, while others are being used by technology companies who are attracted to Akronís relatively low cost of living.

Many cities are also growing their service industries as well, by providing attractive incentive packages to new companies moving to or starting up in that city. Agriculture is also a large industry in the 234 area code, as much of the land has been used for agricultural purposes ever since Americans first settled the area.

234 Area Code People

The manufacturing industry attracted a wide variety of people to the 234 area code over the second half the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. As a result, many of the cities located within the 234 area code are ethnically diverse. This diversity has been reflected in the history and in the cultural attractions available in the cities. For instance, Akron was the location of Sojourner Truthís ďAinít I A Woman?Ē speech, and it hosts an Italian festival every year.

While the cities in the 234 area code may have attracted many single young people in the past, many of the current adult residents in the 234 area code are married with families. The prevalence of families in the 234 area code have influenced the entertainment offerings of the cities in the 234 area code. There are a wide variety of family friendly events throughout the year in the various cities, such as annual Ghost Walk in Warren and yearly the Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival in Canton.

However, there are still a number of younger adults who are moving to the 234 area code on a regular basis, mainly to attend one of the several universities in the general area, including the University of Akron, Malone University, and Youngstown State University. The younger adults living in the 234 area code have encouraged their communities to host events and attractions that appeal to the younger generation, such as Akronís Lock 3 Live music festival and roller derby.

234 Area Code Lawyers

Lawyers working in the 234 area code tend to either work as solo practitioners or in smaller or medium-sized law firms. The largest law firms in northeastern Ohio are located in the greater Cleveland area for the most part. As the general economy in the 234 area code continues to expand and diversify, so does the legal economy. It is true that certain sectors of the legal market have shrunk alongside the portions of the economy that were affected by the creation of the Rust Belt. However, the fallout of the economic downturn caused by the shrinking of the manufacturing industry that prompted cities to diversify their economies has also prompted a diversification of the legal industry in the 234 area code.

Lawyers who live and work in the 234 area code practice many different types of law depending on the city that they choose to live and work in. The start-up technology companies in Youngstown have generated a sizable amount of business for intellectual property and business lawyers. Akron is also home to a number of lawyers because of the patent law work created by the large amount of polymer research and development that takes place in the city. The returning presence of agriculture as a main industry in the 234 area code has given rise to a number of lawyers who deal primarily with the agricultural industry. Many of the cities in the 234 area code still contain manufacturing plants and headquarters for businesses, which support a number of business and employment law attorneys. Finally, with so many families in the 234 area code, family lawyers, criminal lawyers, and personal injury lawyers are abundant throughout the region.